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Let Me Tell You 'Bout The Birds And The Bees And The Flowers And The Trees....

Some days, you read the news and cannot escape the basic fact that the world has gone crazy.

I get a message:  Bristol Palin and The Situation from Jersey Shore are making an abstinence awareness PSA.

Me:  Uh-huh.  And Vin Diesel is going to endorse Rogaine.

Message:  I'm serious.

Fuck me, he really was serious.  The two of them have made a PSA urging teens to not have sex.  What, Paris Hilton was busy?

I'm going to ignore Bristol Palin's flip-flop from two years ago.  When her mommy was running for veep, Bristol was telling people abstinence-only is hard and doesn't work, and she was living proof.  But when Sarah Palin decided to make moves to run for prez in 2012, she changed her tune to abstinence only is the way to go.  I know, politically motivated.  But that's actually the least of my concerns.

We're talking about a girl (I don't think she's mature enough to be called a woman) who has a full-time staff to care for her kid while she appears on the covers of tabloids for six figures, tours the country speaking to crowds, and...oh yeah!  Competing on a television dancing competition.  Having a kid is not a hardship for her, if anything, it's put her on the gravy train.  She has no right to tell others not to have sex.

That, however, is nothing compared to douche nozzle The Situation.  Last week, a book that he "wrote" (remember what I said about talent meaning nothing?) came out, where he talks about how women expect you to try and bed them and put tips in the book to help you make that happen.  Also, on an ep of Jersey Shore that ran last month, The Situation kicked a girl out of his room because she didn't want to have sex with him (which I totally understand -- not wanting to have sex with The Situation, I mean).  According to the NY Daily News, "instead of being outraged at his disgusting treatment of women, the Sitch’s girl actually starts apologizing to him that he didn’t get laid, saying, “I felt bad that you should have gotten an easier girl (the girl in question said she had only had sex with one other guy. -- G).  "I know, I should have,” he angrily agrees."

Next week -- Rosie O'Donnell endorses Jenny Craig.
Tags: duh, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, infernal gall, stupidity, wtf
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