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Pop quiz for my comic book nut readers, and I want a COMPLETE answer:  who created Batman and Robin?

I'm pretty sure everybody got Bob Kane.  The other two answers were Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson.  They don't get a creator credit, though.  It has nothing to do with who did what, but with lawyers when it comes to being printed on the page (remember everything Siegel and Schuster had to go through just to get credit).

I bring this up because of one of my former favorite characters, the Huntress.  I liked the Huntress until mainstreams fell to the outside of my awareness.  I had long hoped that Joe Staton and Bob Layton would some day come around the ChicagoCon and I could get some sigs (Staton would be better because I could get my E-Man comics signed, as well.  Frankly, I like those more than the Huntress).

Cartoon Network has a new animated series, Batman -- The Brave And The Bold.  It continues the trend since The Batman of making Batman stories that are more over the top and dopey and campy (fun?  Don't know.  I like my Batman as the master detective from BtAS myself).  A recent episode that ran in Canada but hasn't appeared here in the US yet featured the Birds Of Prey and was written by none other than Gail Simone herself.  Pretty awesome, right?

Then, there's this in the end credits....

This is certainly news, especially considering this credit doesn't even appear in the Birds Of Prey comic.  For those who came in late, Paul Levitz is the former publisher of DC, left just last year.  So what exactly did he have to do with creating the Huntress?  The Huntress first appeared in All Star Comics  #69 and DC Superstars  #17.  Both issues came out the exact same week.  Levitz wrote both stories, so he has a legitimate claim.  However, Staton, who drew both stories and is considered one of the true co-creators of the Huntress, isn't mentioned.

Wat's up wid dat?  Don MacPherson, who writes the Eye On Comics blog contacted DC to ask about it.  DC's PR department is simply declining comment.  Michael Jelenic, the producer of Batman -- The Brave And The Bold, said, "DC determines which creators we give onscreen credits to. Don’t know what their criteria is though. I don’t think it’s an exact science."  When he asked Levitz, Levitz directed his inquiries to DC.  Staton was not only more forthcoming, but he was downright philosophical as well.  "I didn’t even know that there were creator credits on B&B. At the time of the Huntress’s creation, the rule was that whoever did the first six appearances of a character was considered ‘vested’ in the character and was considered creator, so officially, Paul, Bob Layton and I are listed as the creators of the Huntress.  In any event, I get royalties, which is cool.”

And people wonder what the Image crew was talking about when they left over creator credits.
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