Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Know Your Role

Hmm...this smells like a meme.  I think I'll snirtch it from mongrelheart .

Compile an alphabetical list of quirks, traits and/or other aspects of personality (positive or negative) that best describe your character. Try to avoid words that are synonyms of each other. For the tough letters (X and Z) you can use words that contain the letters versus starting with them.

I'd like to do this with quite a few characters, but I'll start with an easy one.  Rafferty Daniels from Stress Puppy.

Raff is assured, benevolent, cynical, devious, Episcopalian, fatalistic, golden retriever, Harry Potter nut, insightful, joking, keyboard player, level headed, middle manager, negative outlook, overworked, private, quick, Ravenclaw, stressed, truthful, understanding, vini vidi vici, wise, extemporaneous, young at heart, Zen.

Hmmm...that was actually quite cool.  Who should I do next?
Tags: art, comics, stress puppy
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