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Guys Using Guns That Turn People Into Hamburger Is Fine, But Guys Screwing Each Other Is Sick!

The following quotes pertain to a great debate concerning our military:

"To change would destroy morale and impair preparations for national defense…no experiments should be tried . . . at this critical time."

"The Army is not a sociological laboratory; to be effective it must be organized and trained according to the principles which will insure success. Experiments to meet the wishes and demands of the champions of [redacted] for the solution of their problems are a danger to efficiency, discipline and morale and would result in ultimate defeat."

"This proposal "would be tantamount to solving a social problem which has perplexed the American people throughout the history of this nation. The Army cannot accomplish such a solution and should not be charged with the undertaking."

These quotes are from when people feared the American armed forces were going to collapse under social strain and paranoia because no one can trust anyone fundamentally different from them, right?

What?  Don't Ask Don't Tell?  Those quotes are from an Army study on desegregating the armed forces.  Notice that they sounds suspiciously similar to the current arguments being trotted out to keep DADT in place.  The players changed, but the tune is the same, and the band plays on.

DADT is dangerous.  Expulsions for homosexuality have increased since its implementation, not decreased.  And either way, gays still cannot serve openly.  They are trying to rush a hearing on the issue.  They have no choice.  I mean, does anyone really expect Republicans to let a DADT repeal out of the House once they take over?  So reports and debates have turbocharged.

However, with this post, I want to focus on someone in particular that just makes me nuts.  Hello, Arizona Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain.  You know, I voted for him in 2008.  One of the things he said that I liked was his stance on gays in the military.  He said at the time he wouldn't let his personal biases get in the way.  When DADT came up for review, he would simply let the experts have their say and listen to them.  Swell guy, right?

Well, it didn't take long for that to fall away.  McCain has been leading the fight to keep DADT on the books, saying the system works so far so there's no reason to change it.  What prompted the flip?  Well, the experts McCain said he would defer to started supporting ditching DADT, including pointing out that 2/3's of enlisted men wouldn't be bothered in the least by serving alongside gays.  Suddenly, these experts McCain said he would listen to were ignored so he could spew his intolerant bullshit.

So what is it?  Are they experts, or are you suddenly an expert on sociology?  And if you really think DADT is keeping gays out of the military, that's a real nice dream world you're living in.

I hate people that believe that, if gays were allowed to serve openly, soldiers will start wearing women's underwear... Oops!  Too late -- according to legend, Ed Wood did that when he was part of the Iwo Jima offensive.  Let's try another track.  I hate people that believe that, if gays were allowed to serve openly, they'll report to camp wearing dresses and riding in busses that look like a slightly modified Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and they might try to screw and convert straight soldiers.  Notice they don't fear gays pairing off with each other, which is the most natural pairing, but protecting those poor fragile straights who know 85 ways to kill a man with their bare hands.  And as far as converting -- if gay behavior is learned instead of natural, why do straight parents have gay kids?  And if it is natural instead of learned, what are you so fucking scared of?  It's not a contagion, you dipshits!

And yes, you are being called out by a straight guy who likes shoujo and collects mermaids.  It's easy to do when you show a level of sexual maturity on par with your average slashfic writer.
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