Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

What's This?!? I'm Writing A Pro-Pat Quinn Post?!? SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!

Yes, a miracle has happened, I am about to write something nice about Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.  Much as I hate the guy, fairness dictates that, when he does something right, I have to acknowledge and salute it.  Just letting those of you who read my cynical take on politics know I haven't gone soft on you.

So, what's he gone and done that I feel deserves to be singled out for praise?  Today, a bill cleared the Illinois leg that would recognize civil unions for same sex couples.  The only difference between it and marriage is the name.  Everything else (power of attorney, inheritance rights, etc.) will be the same.  Quinn is expected to sign it into law tonight.

About damn time he did something right, and what a great thing for him to get right.
Tags: history, news, politics
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