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"I'm Here To Kick Ass And Chew Bubble Gum...And I'm All Out Of Funding"

The header is a joke that several people around the Net seized upon at once about Duke Nukem Forever finally being canceled and developer 3D Realms going down in flames.

One guy put up video of his modeling work on YouTube.  While I wish the guy well, it doesn't exactly reinforce the notion of, "They are working on it.  It's not a myth."

Meanwhile, the Duke Nukem Forever List has posted its final epitath for the series.  Among the things that took less time than Duke:

All GTA games have been created and completed.
Final Fantasy 7 on up has been completed.
Max Payne (two games, one movie) and Prey (two games) were developed and released by 3D Realms.
All versions of The Sims.
The European Union has been created.
Every Pixar movie except the original Toy Story.
DVD was created and became the consumer video medium of choice.
The Joss Whedonverse started and redefined TV fantasy.
The Mars rovers were greenlit, designed, and successfully landed on Mars in 2.5 years.
Clinton ended his second term, Shrub got his two terms, and a whole new President was elected.
The Empire State Building took only a year and a half to build.
It took only nine years to create a space program that successfully put men on the moon.
The World Trade Center took only seven years to build.

"I thought you had to do something good to be a celebrity."
"Not if you do it colorfully."
--Major League
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