Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

My Moratorium On French Jokes Is Officially Over

A few weeks ago, I wrote how the French General Assembly shot down in flames a bill to cancel Internet access to people suspected of illegal downloads.  The plan had more holes than shotgun-blasted Swiss cheese, just asking to be abused.  The French President said he was going to reintroduce the bill.

A couple of weeks ago, the European Union amended its Constitution to say that the government cannot suspend anyone's Internet access without a conviction in a court of law.  The Internet is put under Freedom Of Information and Freedom Of Expression, and people have a right to it.

Today, the French government told the EU Constitution to go fuck itself and passed their "3 strikes and you're out" law.  The same General Assembly that was so concerned that this law would be abused last time.  And despite a continental law that overrides it.

Somebody let me know when these morons get voted out.
Tags: computers, did not do the research, digital rights, drm, foss, haven't we suffered enough, hypocrisy, infernal gall, linux, lord hear our prayer, open source, politics, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing
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