Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

When Did Marvel Hire Roger Corman To Be Their EIC?

Marvel started their big company-wide storylines with their Civil War story arc.  Using the Patriot Act as a springboard, it quickly swung into Secret Invasion.  Which became Dark Reign.  Which became The Siege.  The Heroic Age is more of a catchall phrase, not an official story.  But their following story was Shadowlands, and then Curse Of The Mutants.  Now, we have a preview of the next big story.  It apparently involves an invasion from Mars.  Artwork is showing robots suspiciously like the tripods from H.G. Wells' immortal War Of The Worlds.

Folks, Marvel is just doing B movie shit here.

I submit the following as evidence:

Civil War -- half-baked political allegory, a staple of sci-fi B movies
Secret Invasion -- Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
Dark Reign -- Any mad scientist story
Marvel Zombies -- duh
The Siege -- Canon/Golan-Globus action flick
Shadowlands -- Inner city crime (Defiance, The Warriors, countless blaxploitation flicks)
Curse Of The Mutants -- Vampires
And now, martians.

Hello, Melody?  Sorry, kid, but I'm gonna have to ditch the mermaid angle....
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