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There Were Green Aligators, And Long Neck Geese....

The first time I heard about the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, I thought it was a joke.  Then I found out it wasn't a joke.  It actually posits the geological record and discoveries made don't mean anything, God created the Earth 7K years ago (oh, and dinosaurs were on Noah's ark), deal with it.  I mean, I'm a devout Christian, and even I think this thing is nuts.

Before I go any further, let me clarify something.  Yes, I am a Christian.  However, my ideas about the origin of the world are immaterial here (not that anyone gives a shit about them anyway).  The problem with the Creation Museum is like my problem with teaching Creationism in school.  It would be one thing if it was approached as a genuine theory.  There is some evidence supporting the notion of some sort of Creationism (the Cambrean Explosion).  If these places and people were presenting Creationism as, "This is what we've found that supports this idea, isn't this interesting, what do you think?", I'd be all for it.  But these places are not presenting it as a competing idea, they are stating it is immutable fact that people must accept as truth with nothing to back it up.  THIS IS NOT SCIENCE!!!  THIS IS BRAINWASHING!!!

So, the Creation Museum opened, expecting 250,000 visitors a year.  It's drawing 1,000,000 visitors.  That's a lot of zeroes (insert own joke here).  Naturally, you get a draw like that, you start talking sequel.  Answers In Genesis, the people behind the Creation Museum, are going to build an 80 acre Creationist theme park, complete with a replica of Noah's Ark.  This one will be in Grant County, KY.  It will cost about $150 mil, plans to draw 1.6 million visitors.  It will get tax breaks, but will be funded by Answers in Genesis and for-profit partner Ark Encounter LLC of Springfield, MO.

We all have the right to believe what we like.  And keep in mind how unusual my beliefs are (quite a few of them form the arguments in the Hannah Singer stories).  However, this is so narrow in its worldview (and dangerous, to boot.  Consider how often scripture gets twisted to support specific arguments), I really question the sanity of it.  Not just because it disregards volumes of discoveries, not just because it presents its own fiction as fact, but because, if they are that willing to shoehorn the world through their Play-Doh Fun Factory of religious ideas, what's next?  Humanity comes next, and we have enough idiots saying things about Chosen Races or diseases being payback for sin or whatever.

This thing isn't even worth the lulz.  I'll stick with my own path, thank you.
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, history, infernal gall, news, religion, stupidity, wtf
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