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What Do You Want To Watch Tonight?

Okay, I've done a lot of bitching about anime.  I think it's time for me to at least list some that I do like or did like, just to establish that I ain't just hatin'.

AKIRA -- 'Nuff said.

Robotech -- I loved Macross, but only made it about halfway through Southern Cross when the store stopped carrying the tapes.  Southern Cross didn't grab me the way Macross did, anyway.  It had a scope and depth that SC didn't.

Star Blazers -- I think this was my first anime.  I had only seen a couple of episodes of Sandy Frank's Battle Of The Planets.  It was on while I was in school or off the air during the summer.  Star Blazers was on at 6:30 AM on channel 9 and I watched every episode until the first story arc wrapped.  The subsequent one, after Earth is saved, just wasn't the same.  I do recall the shock I felt with an episode dealing with a time flux -- I had never seen a bra in a cartoon before.  How that slipped by the parental watchdog groups, I'll never know.

Dirty Pair -- tried Flight 005 Conspiracy and thought it was great fun.  Adam Warren's comics were okay, but I'll take the Sunrise stuff over it any day.

Slayers -- This is how I described it to others -- "Record Of Lodus War" is Dungeons And Dragons.  Slayers is Dungeons And Dragons after you've had a few beers pumped into you.  Lina is the coolest, she's awesome.  Good stories, but the comedy bits were aces.

Pokemon -- At least, until relatively recently.  It just annoys me how someone with all the experience Ash has keeps forgetting what he's learned and gets smoked by first year trainers when he starts each journey.  The original story that followed the original game was excellent, and I could understand why Ash lost.  Most of his badges were rewards, not from proving his mettle as a trainer, so when Ritchie knocked him out, I got it.  Orange Islands showed a lot of advancement.  But after Johto, he just turned stupid when the writers needed him to.  I would rather see them either make Ash a gym leader and go from there or just move on to a new cast.  They really push things.

YuGiOh -- The first year story was great.  A little underdone, but great.  But with Battle City (Domino City), it started really straining to maintain its own logic.  The first story, how exactly did Kaiba's holographic generators know to put in a set of cards Pegasus had that had never been released?  I just rolled with it, because the story had momentum.  But after that, stories that could have been done in one show were stretched out to three.  I remember one episode that had a flashback to something that happened in that very episode -- not earlier in the story, in the installment I was watching.  The side trip into the Shadow Realm with Noah, which delayed the climax of an already overlong story arc, broke me.  And I really would have liked to have seen the Season 0.  There was a first year that only ran in Japan that was much darker and the card game was just a hobby of the other kids.  It was really cool, but no way it would make it in the 4Kids line-up.

Excel Saga/Puni Puni Poemy -- Just great stuff.  I love to laugh, and that had me laughing until I was crying.  Great, great stuff.

Sailor Moon -- Loved the first two years.  I started thinking things were going wrong when Lyta/Makoto's wardrobe expanded.  She was always the most practical dresser of the group because she didn't have a lot of money, but when she started styling, it just conflicted to much with what I knew about the character.  Still watched it and enjoyed it, but not with the same level as before.

Cardcaptor Sakura -- the first anime I felt was worth $30 a disc to buy.  Loved it loved it loved it.  I was amazed at how Li went from a total dickhead in my book to a great romantic hero by the middle of the second story.  I was disappointed when it ended with him just going back to China and the promise they'll see each other again.  So the movie was very satisfying for me.

Gall Force -- A very depressing series, but still gave it its all.  This was also why the ending of the new Battlestar Galactica hit me -- the ending has a lot in common with Gall Force's.  I don't think they were ripping GF off (I think it was just what they felt was a logical conclusion.  Coincidences in writing do happen), it just lessened the impact for me.

Ebichu -- One of my absolute favorites, a hilarious look at modern relationships that is just sooooooooo messed up.  Gainax gambled when they bought the manga rights, and they came up aces.

Kogepan -- Can be a very sad, melacholy series, but there's something uplifting about it, too.  I think everyone can identify with Kogepan on some level, of everyone else in the world being wanted and admired but they aren't.  Or so they think....

Wedding Peach -- Guilty pleasure, but since I'm a Sailor Moon fan, I'm figuring that doesn't surprise you.

Gunsmith Cats -- I would love to see more than just three episodes, Rally and Mini Mae are great.  One half hour show had more fun than most 2 hour action movies.

The Fuccons -- Technically, not anime, but it was so warped and surreal, I dug it.

Fruits Basket -- Another great one.

Chrono Crusade -- Whoa.  That was intriguing and great.

Blue Submarine No. 6 -- The imagery was great, the storyline a little undercooked but I got what they were doing.

Love Hina -- Maybe it's because I had so little exposure to harem anime at the time, but Love Hina was always fun for me to watch.

DiGi Carat -- Another fun one, I prefer the original series based on the Gamers stores, but the others are good, too.  Not bad, but Rabi puts it over the top for me.

Pretear -- See Wedding Peach.

Hmm...that's all I can think of in this one sitting, but hopefully, it shows that I actually do enjoy anime, I'm not just pissing and moaning here.
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