Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

And I Thought Star Wars Had A Lot Of Crap

Two posts in one....

1)  Okay, we have the Tron hotel (it's actually carved out of ice and blue lit).  We have Tron Playboy.  We have.... actual Tron lightcycle?

This isn't the one from the first movie, this is the current styled one.  Yes, it is street legal.  Has a V-twin engine and only five are being made.  Cost to own?  $55,000.

2)  mornblade  posted, complaining about the art design for the new Tron movie.

I have to agree with him.  The first movie was a world where energy lives and breathes.  I loved how everything was lit with ambient light, not direct light sources, with black as the backdrop and things looking a combination of minimalism and art deco.

The current movie's art direction?  The outfits look like wet suits with piping that reacts to black light.  They look like Matrix fans going to a rave, not energy living and breathing.  The sets also have lost the ambient light aspect and look like regular sets.  Yeah, it keeps the budget down, but given what the first movie accomplished on its budget, they should be able to pull something like that off.

The first Tron movie, I have sort of a love/hate relationship with (I'll explain more when I review Tron Legacy itself).  But I loved the immersive world.  You could actually buy you were in a different realm, and they faithfully captured that in the Tron 2.0 game for computers.  You still felt like you were in the world of Tron.  Just the trailers and stills alone?  It's futuristic, but it doesn't have it's own true identity.  They shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.  They shouldn't even modify the wheel.
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