Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

But Enough About Me, What Do YOU Think Of Me?

One of the running gags in Stress Puppy is the unrepentant contempt Holly feels for certain computer users (or "lusers", as it's known in parlance).  People will join message boards and forums hoping to interact with fellow heads about whatever it is they dig.

We turn the Sine Timore Periscope to the Super Hero Figurine Forum.  This is where people gather to discuss, say, the lead and resin figurines of DC and Marvel comic book heroes.  You have to keep in mind just about all boards of this type have a secret moderators-only board where those running the site can talk business.

SHFF's isn't so secret.

It shows up on the Google cache.

Among the highlights:

Mailbombing people they don't like with gay pr0n.

"Accidentally" deleting accounts they don't like.

Insulting some members.

(There's a post reflecting the names, ID's, etc. of certain forum members, but I'm not linking to it to respect the privacy of those users.  Too much collateral damage.)

I can only imagine the anime fans before I bailed on them.
Tags: art, comic books, computers, important life lessons, stupidity, technology is a beautiful thing
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