Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Is There Something In The Water At The Post Office?

I do a lot chronicling the stupidity that runs rampant in my home state of Illinois.  If you're wondering where it comes from, it could be trickling down from our neighbors to the north.

In Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, a 52 year old mail carrier told a woman on his route that he would deliver mail to her office completely naked to make her smile.  She dared him to do it.

On Dec. 4, he showed up totally nude to deliver her mail.

The police arrested him days later for lewd and lascivious behavior.  According to the Journal Sentinel, the man said delivering the mail naked was "a stupid thing to do."

Ya think?
Tags: did not do the research, don't try this at home, important life lessons, stupidity, wtf
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