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Game Over, No Continues

I'm feeling very retrospective this evening.

Okay, so I had written my editor at Video Game Trader to ask him what was up after the current issue, #17, landed in my mailbox.  Not one article written by me in there.  Given not only the backlog of reviews I wrote, but that this was supposed to have the Valis retrospective article I was so proud of, this was a bit of a letdown.  No response to my email.

Earlier this week, a general email was sent out, laying out the plans for the magazine and a new direction for it.  Curiously, everybody else was able to chat with and get a response.  I didn't.

Looks like the ride is over.

Which is a shame.  I really did have fun writing for Video Game Trader.  Admittedly, the new focus pretty much puts me out of the loop.  They are focusing on collector culture, so general reviews (homebrews, my specialty) are gone.  So are feature articles that don't have anything to do with collecting games.  I'm figuring this means my Valis article is spiked and that's the end of it.  And I really wanted to see that one in print.  Columns like Made In Japan (collecting import games) and Just 4 Qix are staying.

Now, I want to make it clear that I am not bitter.  In fact, another classic gaming mag, one that had been running for ten years, just folded up last month.  2600 Connection went poof last year.  Is it the economic downturn?  I doubt it.  I think it's just that classic gaming is reached its saturation point, and fans are no longer as anxious to support just anything to do with their hobby.  As in nature, adapt or perish.

I had asked my editor if I could post my articles to a web page just to show an archive.  We hammered out an agreement where I would wait a year before putting my stuff anywhere else.  So there's still some time before I, say, put my original takes on the Virtual Boy or my heavily edited reviews of Shield Shifter and Strip Off anywhere.  (Maybe I'll collect them in a short book, a true vanity project but what the hell).  But since several things I wrote ain't gonna appear, I'm thinking about maybe putting them here, such as my replacement Toy Story article or the Valis piece.

What do you, the viewers at home, think?
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