Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

"Why Won't You Stay DEAD?!?"

Rumors by the Duke Nukem Forever faithful have been spreading that 3D Realms is going to show the fully completed Duke Nukem Forever at E3 this year, even though the publisher went under.

Well, maybe there is something to that rumor after all.

Take Two Interactive, which holds the publishing rights to Duke Nukem Taking Forever, is suing 3D Realms.  Their original deal back in 2000 had them cough up $12 mil for the rights and to fund the project.  There was a renegotiated deal in 2007.  Now, they not only want at least some of the money back, but also to take control of the code completed.

Lots of concept art and gameplay videos have made it onto the 'Net from people posting their work to their blogs in hopes of drumming up another gig.  They've also almost all been taken down, although thanks to right clicking, screen grabs, and YouTube rippers, the stuff is out there and never going away.

It sounds to me like Take Two is wagering that enough of DNF is done (and the fan demand is still high enough) that they can grab the game if not the original IP, finish it in house, and release it.  Heaven knows, if the game sucks and/or bombs, they can say it wasn't their fault, they were trying to fix 3D Realms' mess.  And with them flush with enough cash that EA can't buy them out anymore, they might as well try to get some return on their investment.

Get some popcorn, this is going to be amusing.
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