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The Sound Waves Christmas Special #1 -- "Carroll Of The Bells"

Hey, kiddies!  Tired of seeing Christmas specials that are just cliche pablum intended to keep you from changing the channel instead of telling you a good story and touching your emotions?  Tired of seeing the same characters in different bodies?  Feel like if you see one more curmudgeonly person learn the true meaning of Christmas, or someone learn it's better to give than receive, or that Christmas is about family and not who gets the best loot, you're going to throw up?

Do you miss Rankin/Bass?

Well, I won't claim to be equal to them, but I can provide something a little different for this holiday season.  Herewith is the Sound Waves Christmas Special (I've got the disk space).  All 38 pages of chibi goodness, ready for you to dive into.  I was just going to do my usual posting my thoughts on the creation of the issue, but thought, nah, let's let others see what I'm up to this time.  It is Christmas, after all.

And so, grab yourself a sandwich and a drink (I recommend a hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint extract, whipped cream, green and red cake sprinkles on the whipped cream, and garnished with a candy cane), and check out Rhapsody and Melody, the swim buddies, as they go on their latest adventure.

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