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Politics In Action

Rahm Emanuel is going to be the next mayor of Chicago.  He might as well start printing his business cards now.

What?  No election yet?  Doesn't matter.

On Thursday, the Chicago Election Board ruled that Emanuel could stay on the ballot because he clearly meant to return to Chicago.  Now, this goes to court, hearing to start next Tuesday, but I'm telling you the fix is in.  What makes me say that?  Meeks has dropped out.  He said it was because, with two other black candidates, it was more important for blacks to unite behind one candidate.  Suuuuuuure.  Don't forget, he had the best chance of winning if Emanuel isn't on the ballot, spoilers or no.  When the most likely to win bails, it's over.

So, with no one who can really oppose, Emanuel proves the flexibility and volatility of politics.  When his boss, Obama, was first running for Senator of Illinois, he was in third place.  He used the exact same residency requirement rule to get the two ahead of him declared ineligible, and he got the D nomination in a walk.  From there, he just had to face down the R's candidate Jack Ryan, who tried using his kids as a shield to keep reporters from looking into his divorce from Star Trek actress Jeri Ryan.  Ryan was roadkill before the D's had their primary, and Obama won in a walk.  Now, that exact same rule is being disregarded in Emanuel's case, and I have my suspicions about how the court will rule.

Emanuel better realize what he is getting into.  Chicago is nearly bankrupt.  The money from the parking meter deal is not only almost gone, but with the company running it raising meter rates around the city, more people will stay out, more businesses will lose, and less money for the city.  Money won't come from the state.  Gov. Pat Quinn is floating an idea for a $15 bil loan to keep Illinois running that would have to be paid back the next year with no cutting back any programs at all, the only option would be higher taxes.  With businesses already fleeing Illinois, and Illinois having the worst bond insurance rating in the country, I'm very curious who Quinn has in mind to finance the loan (it will be discussed when sessions resume next week).

The only real silver lining is that Mike Madigan, the godfather of Illinois Democrats, hates Emanuel with a passion.  The two will turn Illinois into a political war zone.  Hey, if we're gonna get screwed, we might as well get some entertainment out of it.
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