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I Love To Singa...About The Moona And The June-a And The Springa....

Well, that was a fun little experiment.

I'm currently writing and drawing a shojo series about a little girl who likes to sing (call me "fag" and I'll stomp your head).  It got me thinking, as I don't sing.  Period.  I believe I have a horrible singing voice, and I've heard plenty of people making fun of it.  So, unless it's bass (I discovered on accident that Frankie and Bing, I do pretty good with), I don't sing if anyone can hear me.  I couldn't watch the TV show "Motor Mouth" because all I could think about was how mortified I'd be if I could be heard over the car radio.

Well, I've been thinking that maybe I should at least hear myself.  Tonight, I fired up the computer system I use to record music for my video game projects, but I switched on a mic.  I cued up a song I felt was in my vocal range (Love Games) and sang the first few lines of it.  Only about twenty seconds.  Then, I plugged in headphones (don't ask me why, there's no one else here) and listened to what I had done.

Jesus Christ, is my voice flat.  Not a lot of fluctuation that I could hear (and I know that song by heart, so I know what it's supposed to sound like).  I did keep the correct time, but then again, I was listening on headphones, so I better keep the correct time.  Any fluctuation wasn't me changing notes or pitch, but a wabble in my voice, whether from lack of practice or nerves, I'm not sure.

Something tells me I'll be sticking to composing instrumentals and with playing the drums in Rock Band.  Keep that mic away from me.
Tags: art, destroying childhood memories, haven't we suffered enough, just play music, self reflection, technology is a beautiful thing
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