Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Silence Is Not So Golden

I want to make something clear right off the bat -- I don't have a problem with Muslims.  That is not what this post is about.  Your general, everyday Muslim is a peaceful person studying a peaceful religion and just trying to make sense of the world.  Just like all the rest of us.

My problem has nothing to do with that.

A few days ago, Danish police arrested five people in connection with a sinister plot.  In 2005, a newspaper ran cartoons depicting Mohammad.  These guys were supposedly planning to invade the Copenhagen office of the newspaper, pull guns, and light up the place.  Four of them were busted in Denmark, the other in Sweden.  The ethnic make-up is three Swedes, two with Tunisian backgrounds, one from Lebanon, an Iraqi, and a regular Swede.

Now, I'm not going to rehash the whole thing about "should the newspaper have printed the cartoons".  That is over and done with.  Everyone has stated their position by now, no one is going to change their minds at this point.

My bitch is over the silence from Muslims over this.

When my fellow Christians do some stupid act of terrorism, other Christians stand up and denounce them.  They state to the world, "Their beliefs are not our beliefs.  We are peaceful, they are the fringe.  They do not speak for us, and we will not allow them to speak for us."  From shooting abortion doctors to burning books, Christians will fill pages of newspapers and take up hours on TV to even turning up in person (in the days after 9/11, a bunch of assholes were looking to harass people in a mosque in a Chicago suburb.  Several Christians stood outside the mosque, creating a defensive line so everyone inside could worship in peace without the hassle).  Christians want an identity as loving and accepting and make sure that gets out.

I haven't heard a peep from Muslims condemning the plot in Denmark.  Or any of the excesses of the lunatic fringe of Islam.  Even the debate over having a Muslim as Batman's chosen representative in France is being framed by the opposition as a question of nationalism instead of countering the right wing assertions that "all Muslims are terrorists."  And there have to be people who can speak.  Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and could potentially overtake Christianity.

And no one from the home turf is saying these things are wrong.

Now, I know most Muslims are good people who aren't advocating the violent overthrow of the government.  But their silence is creating the problem.  By not speaking up, by not defying their fellow members, they allow this dangerous inaccurate image to flourish.  They need to stand up.  If they don't want the world to think they are all psychopaths, they need to separate themselves from the psychopaths.  It's one thing if you can't defend yourself.  It's another if you refuse to.
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