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Do Not Adjust Your Mind, The Problem Is With Reality

Boy, you learn something new everyday.  Especially when you are one of the few Chicagoans who doesn't give two shits about football.

I remember years ago when something called the Lingerie Bowl debuted.  It was played on pay-per-view during halftime at the Super Bowl.  Basically, it was a football fan's wet dream come to life -- two teams of models (one year featured Angie Everhart from Sports Illustrated and various erotic thriller movies) playing football just a little bit tougher than foxy boxers.  Ever watch roller derby?  Any one of them would knock one of those football players into the cheap seats.  mongrelheart  would totally pwn their asses.  I thought it was a silly idea.  But plenty of guys thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

Unbeknownst to me, there is now an actual Lingerie League.  Chicago has a team.  They apparently play at Sears Center.  Attendance is roughly 7,000 guys people aw, who am I kidding, it's mostly guys, and MTV2 apparently has the television rights (I'm guessing there's no worries about local blackouts).  So you have two teams of seven trying to run with the ball and tackle each other without ruining their meal tickets.  How can this possibly get any dumber?

Simple.  Just add PETA.

PETA just can't seem to do anything right when it comes to celebrity endorsements.  They recently got football player Chad Ochocinco to pose for a "say no to fur" ad with him standing naked except for a football covering his dick.

You know, a football.

Which is made of leather.

But I digress.

So, bracketing this portion are the two promotional posters PETA has made with some of the members of the Chicago Bliss (Jeeeeeesus....) football team.  You know, a football.  Which is made of leather.  But I digress.  (Side note:  lots of lingerie is made of silk.  Ever see how that gets harvested?  Why no mention of cruelty there?)  Wide receiver Nadia Larysa (in the poster on the left, she's the one with the tits...okay, she's on the left) said, "Our games sell out usually to around 7,000 fans in our stadium, and we have millions of viewers who watch the games live on MTV2, so we figured our image is powerful enough to make and impact and influence people to make the right choice when buying their next winter coat."  Yeah, I'm sure a large segment of those viewers are women.  And the men?  If you told them that to their faces, they'd just keep staring at your tits and saying, "Oh, yeah, that's a really important issue.  Come here often?"

I guess I can't really take pot shots at these players for sexually objectifying themselves.  After all, they play in the Lingerie League, they were already objectifying themselves before PETA came along.  It'd just be nice if a group that pays so much attention to animals would quit ignoring the elephant in the room.
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