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"Here...3D Realms Says He's Not Dead!" "Well, He Will Be Soon!"

By the way, the pic isn't mine, it's just another in a series of infinitely amusing images I've found on the Internet.

George Broussard, the CEO of 3D Realms, is already a laughing stock in game design circles since Duke Nukem Taking Forever has been in development for 12 years.  But apparently, he doesn't think he's a big enough laughing stock.  Broussard sent out a press release to several gaming media companies, striking back at Take Two for daring to file a lawsuit against 3D Realms for not producing DNF in a timely manner (they paid $12 mil back in 2000).  I will go over some high points and provide my opinions.

First, Broussard is really dicking with his career here.  He has shown a nasty tendency to bite the hand that feeds him before.  In May 2003, when the head of Take Two said he doubted DNF would be out that year, Broussard went on Take Two's own forum and wrote, "Take Two needs to STFU IMO."  Now, he's swinging again, and blaming Take Two for what is happening.

First things first -- despite the webmaster saying 3DR shut down on May 6, and two days later, posting a "Goodbye" pic with about three dozen staffers, Broussard says 3D Realms is still in business.  He says they simply let the dev team go while they reorganize, DNF is still on schedule (what schedule?!?).  He claims that 3DR hasn't received a penny of the $12 mil Take Two shelled out in 2000.  That money went to GT Interactive, 3DR's original (and now defunct) publisher.  In 2008, they were paid $2.5 mil for an "unannounced game" that had nothing to do with Duke.  3DR claims to have only received a $400K from GT Interactive, and that's the only money they've seen relating to the project.

3DR claims that they have spent $20 mil of their own money on Duke (WHAT?!?).  They attempted a renegotiation with Take Two for funds to complete the game.  With a straight face, Broussard insists that 3DR was hitting milestones (in 2007, Broussard said the only thing holding up release of a completed Duke Nukem Forever was debate over the box art) despite no new agreement in place.  They liken Take Two's lawsuit to basically highway robbery, getting the Duke franchise for cheap.

3DR says they will continue to fight this abusive publisher and all the rest of this.  And it turns out, the most entertaining part of Duke Nukem Forever isn't even in the game itself!
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