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God, I Miss The Old Days

Ever since I discovered my cell phone could use any sound I loaded into memory as a ringtone (give me a break, I hate phones, so this is actually new to me), I've been trying to find the right ringtones to use.  In the past, my ringtone is the theme from Monty Python.  For now, it's the mission briefing BGM from Bonanza Bros.  For my dad, who is a rabidly obsessed fan of NCIS, I have the theme play when he calls.  Still sorting out some other sounds for people who call.  At the moment, though, the general ringtone has been replaced.

It now plays the theme from The Gong Show.

God, I loved that show.  It was fun.  Even when the acts were bad, the laughter was limited to that.  They were not out to humiliate the performers or belittle them.  Compared to the American Idols and such, there was good-natured fun behind it all.  (By the way, Mornblade, I misremembered.  The Popsicle Twins were indeed the clip you showed me, it did not...ahem, go down the way I remembered.)

So, I started thinking about The Gong Show, and invite you to join me in a little walk down memory lane.  Pop quiz, answers based on the honor system.  Here we go:

1)  Who was the NBC musical director who led the band, and what was the band's name?

2)  Which time zone was the only one to see the Popsicle Twins act, and who were the three judges for the act?  And while I'm at it, what was the actual name the Popsicle Twins were introduced as?

3)  On the last NBC show, what was the name of the country band Chuck Barris played in, and what song did they perform?

4)  Contestants were allowed to perform for a certain amount of time before getting gonged.  There were three different time limits.  What were they?

5)  How much money did the contest win for being the top act on The Gong Show on NBC?  How much did they win on the syndicated version?

6)  Gene Gene The Dancing Machine -- what was his actual job on the show?  And speaking of Gene Gene, name the song the band played as he danced.

7)  Steve Martin.  Paul Rubens.  Tiny Tim.  Oingo Boingo.  Boxcar Willie.  Alice Cooper.  Carol Burnett.  One of these people did NOT appear on The Gong Show.  Which one?

8)  What was the highest possible score you could get on The Gong Show?

9)  What was the supposed "dance craze" launched by The Gong Show?

10)  Five episodes of The Gong Show were produced but never aired for its debut.  None of them had Chuck Barris as the host.  Four were hosted by one guy, one was hosted by another.  Name these lost hosts.

11)  When was the only time the judges were not allowed to gong the acts?

12)  Which celebrity judge had been banned by NBC from the show for flashing her breasts at the camera?

Pencils up, let's go, I'll post the answers separately later.
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