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More Detes On The Bruce

Boxwatcher sent me an email about The Bruce attending the ChicagoCon.  Boxwatcher is on Fecesbook, and said that, according to Wizard World's page, you would pretty much need a VIP pass to meet The Bruce.


So I decide to look at the page.  There's no mention of needing a special pass just to meet him.  What I suspect it is is that Wizard is aware how many people want to meet The Man Himself.  He appeared at WWPhilly last year (he'll be there again this year, too).  Only the one show?  I wondered it if was a test run.  Looks like it might have been.  What are we looking at?

Regular weekend admission is $50, no frills.  $25 for a single day.  (By the way, it is my understanding that Mimi Rogers won't sign nude pictures of herself anymore.  So if you have the Playboy she did a pictorial in, you're out of luck.)

All VIP passes are $150.  We're going to ignore how radically the offerings can change for now.  Remember, last year was going to have a special Lauren Vandervort (the new Supergirl) VIP package and that was up for a while until she bailed, as well as a special one for both William Shatner and Patrick Stewart until Stewart bailed.  So, let's start with the basic VIP pass:

Comic Con VIP's get:
• Chicago Comic Con 4-Day Weekend Ticket
• First Entry onto the show floor
• Exclusive Comic Prints
• Exclusive VIP Badge
• CGC 9.8 (Random) - You will receive ONE (1) of the previous Wizard World Comic Con Show Exclusives Graded 9.8
• More TBD

Hmmm...kind of slim pickings for $150.  Next, let's look at the Felicia Day VIP package.  Day is a veteran of Buffy and a lot of other projects.  Her VIP pass gets you:

VIP Tickets Include:
• 4-Day Weekend Ticket to Chicago Comic Con 2011
• Exclusive Felicia Day VIP Badge
• (2) Felicia Day Autograph Tickets
• (1) Felicia Day Photo Op
• FIRST Entry into the convention show floor
• Felicia will be appearing Saturday Only!

I want to emphasize you bring your own camera for the photo op, I've heard about too many people whose pictures got lost or misplaced by the staff handling the pics.  (Use a digital camera and print them on a laser or waxjet, you idiots!  They get them without delay and they won't fade!  Technology is a beautiful thing!)

Okay, now The Bruce:

Bruce Campbell VIP's get:
• Chicago Comic Con 4-Day Weekend Ticket
• Exclusive Bruce Campbell VIP Badge
• Exclusive Lithographs
• (2) Bruce Campbell 8x10 Photos (Your Choice) with Signature Tickets - You can have him sign these photo OR another item on-site
• (1) Photo Op with Bruce Campbell
• VIP's get onto the show floor FIRST before regular attendees
• Guaranteed seating at the Bruce Campbell panel
• VIP Speedpass for Autographs & Photo Ops for Bruce Campbell only
• Lithographs TBD
**Please Note Bruce Campbell will be appearing on SATURDAY ONLY!** THIS is a VIP package.  I find it interesting that he gets a Speedpass (a.k.a. you pay extra to cut in line).  This could be why they are speculating you will need the VIP pass just to meet him.

Now, here's the question -- will you really?

Clearly, to get an autograph, you buy autograph tickets.  How much, no one is saying yet (although this isn't Pamela Barnes here, this is Bruce Campbell).  If you fold the price of the autograph tickets into the price of the VIP pass (cheapest autos there are $20 a piece), it could work out to be quite a bargain to meet The Bruce.  Last year, I was able to score face time with Richard Roundtree, Linda Blair, and Mickey Dolenz (including getting a set of signed drumsticks) without waiting in line, I just did it later in the day.  The question is, as the crowd dies down, would I be able to get up to The Bruce before he goes to the panel?  And how long will he be signing?  The Bruce is notoriously generous to his fans.  So much so that, when he does have a bad weekend, everyone cuts him slack instead of bitching on blogs.  So it's possible he might sign extra long just to make his fans happy.

August is still a long way away.  But I think, just in case, I better save up for the $150 package, just in case....
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