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Yes!  It's a great day!

I finally ditched the Clodbook.

My original goal had been to get a working OS on it so I could sell it.  Had to be Linux, I wasn't going to pay $200 just to put Windows on it (CloudBooks on eBay don't even sell for $200, so I would be losing a hell of a lot more than I was making).

CruchBang Linux, which is simply Ubuntu but built around OpenBox instead of GNOME, works as well as can be expected.  I got it running my old Atari games, so I felt it was almost time.  That's when a co-worker asked, "Is that the computer you're going to sell?"

Yup, it's just about ready.  I just need to add some more stuff to make it attractive to eBayers.

"How much are you looking for?"

I thought it over, based on what I had seen it go for on eBay, the fact that it was an older model that has since been outpaced by newer, cheaper models, and was just a pain in the ass.  $200, I said.

"My husband wants a little computer like that.  Can you leave the Atari stuff on it?"

Sure.  When would you want it?

"For his birthday.  In fact, you know how you made the Quidditch game for your online friend starring his son as a player?  Can you make some game starring my husband?"

Realizing that, if I agreed to this, she would be less likely to haggle over the price, I said, sure.

So it was agreed that 1) I would find some way to stabilize the wireless signal, 2) I would make a basic motorcycle game starring her husband on his Harley, and 3) Atari games, all by his birthday, and she would gladly cough up $200 for it.  Not only was she just looking for a basic netbook (as opposed to me, who was actually looking to add and use utilities and something other than an OS' stock configuration), but because she knew me and how I am with tech, she knew she wouldn't be ripped off.  She said she would have gone bonkers if she'd been stuck with a lemon of an OS like gOS like I was.

So I got to work.  Everything was set and done.  She took possession today.  Her husband flipped.  And he thought the little game was the coolest thing ever.

So, I'm less one computer, the worst of the lot, it is actually being used by someone who has a purpose for it, and my pockets are $200 heavier now.

I love it when a plan comes together....
Tags: computers, don't try this at home, foss, just desserts, linux, open source, technology is a beautiful thing
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