Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Okay, Organizing Your Comics Is Going To Get Much Tougher

So, DC is working on a new story arc called Flashpoint.  It will create an alternate DC Universe.  Yes, another one.  Now, this is not a crime.

The crime is that several regular titles are going to be suspended and replaced with special revamped series, similar to Age Of Apocalypse and Dark Reign, screwing up your number for an event that will be over and make no difference as soon as the last issue ships.

When I bag and board my comics, I put a label on the bag with the issue information so I can go back and find favorite stories or issues to get signed.  It has the title, issue number, publisher, printing, a story synopsis, and any pertinent trivia ("Sound Waves  #5, Sine Timore, 1st printing, "Boy In A Bubble", blah blah blah, First appearance of Sherman).  Oh, and WHICH SERIES IT IS.  My current Deadpools mention it is the 2nd series.  I don't bother counting miniseries, and I don't bother with jumping publishers, although I will include a note on the last issue and the first issue to keep things straight.

I mean, I thought things were bad with Zero Hour screwing up my numbering system (my Flash 0 signed by Mark Waid is in the correct place, not at the front, with a note explaining why it is there).  I don't collect many DC books, but now, I'm glad, as I don't know how I'd keep this straight.

Please, don't include Power Girl in this mess.  The book is actually enjoyable now without the continual sexual overtones of Palmiotti and Conner (thank you, Judd Winnick.  Now I'm reading stories where Power Girl is an actual superhero.  THAT was what I was paying to see).  Don't run me off.
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