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"Stick a fork in their ass, they're done."
--Lou Reed

Wizard Magazine is gone.

No, that's not a joke.

Wizard is spinning their comic conventions off and will have an IPO later on.  They are also working on a digital magazine.  But Wizard and Toyfare both are history.

I know a lot of people hate Wizard.  I was pretty ambivalent.  I mean, they celebrated fanboy culture, and I was never much of a fanboy.  So I honestly didn't care.  Gareb Semus wasn't someone who offended me or inspired anything more than indifference out of me.  It's biggest feature was the price guide.  Yeah, Overstreet was already doing it, but this pumped up the fanboys.  Then, when the speculator crash hit, that feature went down.

It was obvious Wizard was in trouble.  The big names in comics will rarely agree on anything, but most of them hate Wizard.  Marvel was the only holdout until rumors started shooting around about Wizard's handling of the Death Of Captain America issues.  Wizard was trying hard to remain relevant, and failing miserably.  There was an issue last year that had a page recommending certain books.  Reason -- "BOOBIES!", as it said across the top of the page in a large point font.  Wizard has steadfastly held itself to what it started, even as the audience has either outgrown it or moved on.  There have long been rumors that most of Wizard is done by unpaid interns now, very few actual staff remained.

Well, no official word, but so many people are talking about this, and so many stories match, this has to be it.  Remaining staff have been laid off and freelance assignments have been canceled.

So I wonder if we'll finally see Frank Cho's Monkey Fight Club.

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