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Maybe He Should Ask For A Balloon Payment

His name is Jeff Koons.  He's one of those modern artists.  He mostly takes existing objects and rearranges them into art.  Sort of like Andy Worhol, but without the irony and humor.  He is known primarily for giant installations of flower covered puppies and for sculptures made of stainless steel that resemble giant balloon animals.

Koons is suing a San Francisco gallery and store.  Why?  They are selling a set of bookends shaped like balloon dogs.

He's claiming it too closely resembles his giant balloon dog sculpture and wants money.

Can anyone tell me how exactly a balloon dog looks different from all those other balloon dogs?  The bookends sell for $30.  "Replicas" of Koons' dogs go for $7,250 to $12,500 on eBay.

Of course, Koons suing for copyright infringement is a laugh.  Deceiver dug this out from the NY Times:

"Mr. Koons has had several well-publicized brushes with copyright law, most notably in the wake of his landmark “Banality” show at the Sonnabend Gallery in 1988. Shortly after the exhibition he was sued by a photographer, Art Rogers, whose black-and-white photograph of a couple holding eight German shepherd puppies was used by Mr. Koons as the basis for a sculpture called “String of Puppies.”

"Mr. Koons’s lawyers said that his appropriation of the image constituted fair use , arguing that the sculpture was intended as a parody of the kind of trite, mass-produced sensibility that the photograph represented. But the courts didn’t buy it; Mr. Rogers was granted summary judgment, which was affirmed by an appeals court. (The three-judge appellate panel was particularly harsh, accusing Mr. Koons and Sonnabend of believing that because they were major players in the art world, they could get away with piracy.) The case was settled for an undisclosed amount.

"Mr. Koons lost two subsequent suits stemming from the “Banality” show, one by another photographer and a second by United Feature Syndicate, which accused Mr. Koons of violating its copyright on the dog Odie from the Garfield comic strip. Those cases were also settled for undisclosed sums."

This lawsuit is like his art -- very interesting, very creative...LOGIC.  THAT'S what's missing.
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