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If you need any more proof why I refuse to subscribe to a particular Christian denomination, here ya go.

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, there was a wave of anti-abortion people killing abortion doctors.  Invariably, the triggermen were religious nutcases who felt they were doing the Lord's work and protecting the unborn ( Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill," no conditions given.  What makes that okay?).  So you can't kill a fetus, but once they are out of the womb, let 'em have it!  In a Stress Puppy strip that hasn't run yet, a character is talking with former Catholic schoolgirl Holly and he asks her, "What is the central tennet of Christianity?", to which she replies, "Jesus loves you, and wants me to kill you so He can send you to Hell?"

On Sunday, Dr. George Tiller, an abortion doctor in Witchita, Kansas, was shot dead by an anti-abortion nut while attending church.  Well, 80's nostalgia carries a lot of cool cache right now.  Number one with a bullet.

(Side note:  just to make my feelings clear...what is my stance on abortion?  I say it's none of my business.  I'm a man.  I have no say in this.  All I can do is support the woman I put in this situation.  It is up to all of us to determine what our ethical boundaries are, and aside from some clear cases, everything is up to us to reason out and deal with.  I personally don't think I could go through with an abortion, but as I'm unlikely to ever become pregnant, my stance is purely academic, a viewpoint created from the safety of never having to face the consequences of my beliefs.  Women facing the choice have a harrowing decision to make and don't need my bullshit getting in the way.  The debate is never about abortion as birth control, but an unprovable religious basis, the theological vs. the existential.)

I've already discussed how religious groups seek to control people sexually, and no one is safe.  Not the gays (with camps that promise to "pray away the gay."  Funny, one of the priests in my neighborhood got moved around because he was molesting the altar boys.  If they can't pray away his gay, what chance do they have with anyone else's?), not the straights (I've already covered the Vatican's new "The Pill Kills" campaign that seeks to equate contraception with abortion), no one.

Now, the religious abortion nuts are worried that the murder of Tiller is going to be used to make them look bad.

I could only process that for about a minute before my cerebral cortex dropped the rods.

These are the same groups of morbid morons who do all kinds of cheap publicity stunts that would make the B-movie kings envious.  Once a year, grim faced professional virgins gather on public grounds in my town, some dressed in quasi-military uniforms that make them look like they mugged Captain Blighe, and stand stoically holding signs saying abortion is murder while giving all the passers-by the evil eye (they do this without a permit, so I take particular delight in buzzing the fuzz when I see them setting up).  They do things to make themselves heroes, legends in their own minds.  It is done out of purely selfish reasons without a hint of altruism, as Steve Taylor pointed out in his classic song, "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good."  One church on my way to work will periodically put up hundreds of small crosses on the church grounds with a sign that says, "This is the number of babies killed by abortion every day."  The Mormon church in Utah practically hijacked California's ballot initiative and banned gay marriage in the state, then said people protesting at Mormon churches were picking on them because they were religious, trying to use guilt as a shield (you started this with your churches, that's where we go).  They pass out pictures of aborted fetuses to school kids, scarring them for life and trying to convert them to their cause.

And they're worried that this will make them look bad.

Hate to break it to you, but you had a head start.
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