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So, I'm sitting here, having lunch at the lunch counter and trying to keep my nerves from fraying.  I sit at a table, and as I'm waiting for the wifi handshake, I look around.

And I see it.

A table for four people with all their trash just piled up in the middle and left there.

One of my usual hangouts, I was talking with the counter person and she mentioned some people who left the table a mess and didn't take care of their trash.  The manager on duty saw them leaving and asked if they were going to leave the mess there.  "Sure," they sez, "it's not OUR job to clean it up."  "Well, you better not come here ever again."  They bolted and haven't been back since.  Her manager heard the first part of the story and said, "Well, they're right, it IS our job to clean it up."  Naturally, the counter girl didn't tell her the rest of the story.  My brother in law does that, too.  He'd throw trash on the floor in the store and say, "Hey, that's why the janitors get paid the big bucks!"  My mom tried to tell me he was kidding.  I just wanted to punch him in his chump face.  And he wonders why I never see him except for Christmas.

When did it become acceptable for us to be assholes?  Don't be rude and leave a big mess just because it's someone else's job description.  I sometimes wonder if things like the automatic flush toilets were the start, since you no longer had to do anything, and if nothing happened, well, it was their equipment.  Or maybe it's just a product of the times.

I sometimes hit Goodwill stores to look for used video games and VHS treasures.  I have a reputation there.  Apparently, I'm the only person who goes to Goodwill who doesn't berate the staff, demand star treatment, and generally act rude.  I say please and thank you, I wait clerk, I'm not kidding, started tearing up because I was treating her nice.  I was apparently the first person to do it that day.

I just don't understand why people don't see the point of being nice and supportive.  They aren't being asked to wipe down the tables or anything, just not leave a holy ass mess behind (I wipe down my table.  Then again, I draw at it, and don't want grease on my artwork).  When did being rude and inconsiderate become expected treatment?  Is man just incapable of treating others well?
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, important life lessons, infernal gall, stupidity
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