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Now, If They Would Put Up Daryl Hannah's Tail From Splash, I Might Make The Trip

The news is reporting that Farrah Fawcett's red swimsuit from that poster is going on display at the Smithsonian.

One article mentioned how "that swimsuit and that smile" entranced a generation of males.  Uh...dude?  That wasn't it.  Any guy who says that is either playing dumb or never got a good look at the poster.

Don't look at me.  Jaclyn Smith was, is, and always will be my favorite Charlie's Angel.  Fawcett had sexy.  Smith had brains and class.  If Smith had been the one in that swimsuit....

...uh, anyone else need a moment or two alone?  JOKE!  JOKE!  JOKE!

I think the Smithsonian is running out of things relevant to American culture to institutionalize.  I recognize it's pop culture, the Smithsonian has one of the original Indiana Jones costumes, the Fawcett poster has been likened to pin-up queens like Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth.  I'm just scared this will open the door for a Baywatch wing next.

Anyway, the display will also feature other Farrah items, such as the Farrah's Glamour Center styling kit so people could attempt to have her famous hair and feel miserable when it didn't work out.  Plus her book of scripts from Charlie's Angels.  Also there will be a Farrah Fawcett doll.  That's another way of saying, "If it didn't have her name attached, you'd be buying these cheap Barbie knock-offs at the dime store."  (Christ, I just realized I made a reference to a dime store instead of a dollar store.  Shit, I really AM old!)

So all you writers out there, don't ditch your shit at garage sales.  You never know when you can have your own museum display with it.
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