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Bronx Bumper Cars, National Division

bluegreenlilac  responded to my last post mentioned that Southerners don't know how to drive in winter weather.

Now that you bring it up, there's a point I want to make.  And it concerns the art and science of humor.

Checking my email and messages, there's links to videos of bad drivers.  They're all over YouTube.  Having been in two accidents myself, I don't generally find these funny.  But some of them, with cars attempting, say, a steep hill that no one with a lick of sense would do, I watch with abject fascination.  There's footage from Seattle, for example.  No one is hurt, but you see several cars trying desperately not to smack a bus in front of them as they go down a hill.  Then a city bus does a graceful spin down the hill.  This is Seattle, where they have inclement weather all the time.  You think they'd know better than to drive up or down a sheet of ice.  That gets filed under, "Did not do the research."

So, looking through the links, here's footage from Atlanta, GA.  And another from Atlanta.  Here's one from Georgia.  Here's the Seattle footage.  Here's another from Atlanta.... know, there's an awful lot of Atlanta in these links.

I've commented before about the tendency of people to unrepentantly make fun of the Southern US.  They were developing a TV show years ago, a reality program called, "The Real Beverly Hillbillies."  They were going to find the most backwards Southern family they could dig up and put them in a mansion, then tape the wacky culture shock for the amusement of city viewers.  MAD TV takes a LOT of cheap shots at Southerners, depicting them as poor and stupid.  Remember the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players on Saturday Night Live?  They never would have stooped to that shit.  They were working class and proud of it.  The greatest things was to be an ordinary person.

This was the reason I hated the movie Bruno.  The "humor" (and I use the term very loosely) was based on how these unsophisticated idiots had no clue they were being had, they just continued to provide the provoked reaction and look horrible as the star plucked their strings.  It's done from the standpoint of, "Look how pathetic these people are compared to us."  Humor is used to build up the self-image of the people watching, who can laugh at how backwards these people are and secure in the proof of their superiority.

Humor is NOT supposed to work like that.

This is why I don't tell ethnic jokes.  They aren't based on the speaker saying something funny, they are based on the speaker going, "Ha ha!  Look at me, making fun of this group of people I don't really know and can't relate to.  Aren't I great?"  As was pointed out in Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, "Degradation is easy to do!"  With the Internet and the rise of the chans, this has become even more widespread, a whole world that exists to be demeaned and ridiculed.  But you expect that of Anonymous.  You don't expect that from fellow human beings.

Can Southerners drive in winter conditions?  No.  But to be fair, neither can lots of Northerners, as the situation on Chicago's Lake Shore Drive will attest.  Hell, some people can't drive in summer weather!

I admit I may be overreacting.  But the dominance of videos of bad drivers from southern states instead of just videos from all over makes me think there's more than just, "This is funny!" going on.  It makes me think there's regionalistic rivalries going on.  Ones that really have no place in the world.
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