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How Dare You Look Down On Me! I Make Movies!

Mel Gibson is losing it.

Well, okay, he lost it long ago, but the pace has accelerated.

Daily Radar has reported that Gibson, currently in the middle of getting divorced from his faithful wife of 28 years because he knocked up his Russian girlfriend, was at his church this Sunday.  Yes, his church, he had a church built and masses are conducted in Latin there.  It's called Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, CA, but its nicknamed "St. Mel's".  Anyway, it seems a lot of his fellow parishioners have been whispering about Gibson and his actions which don't exactly square with traditional Catholic teachings.  I expect this kind misguided self image from Jenna Jamison, who describes herself as a "good Catholic" despite having an affair on her husband, getting divorced, and having a baby out of wedlock.  But I expect better of someone who is so devote that he makes movies as a testimonial to his faith, builds his own church, uses religion as a bludgeon, and believes his first wife is going to Hell because she is Episcopalian.

Anyway, in front of two visiting priests and a bishop, Gibson got up on the altar at his church and blasted the parishioners.  He threatened them with hellfire and damnation, and also threatened to close the church if they didn't knock it off.  He gave everyone the evil and basically redefined the term "bully pulpit."

Now, for those of you wondering how Gibson might be able to dig his way out of this...I mean, as far as the Church's grace is concerned (if he cared about what people thought, he would have kept it in his pants), and please note this goes with the old Christian stand-by of "the Church's grace == God's Grace," so getting one (especially from an organization known for selling indulgences) is the important thing, here's the beef.  The Catholic church DOES annul marriages, and has stepped up what qualifies as an annulment as they have seen people leaving the fold.  Gibson has a slight problem, though.  Remember, he's part of a renegade Catholic sect that broke with the church over Vatican II.  Normally, the church would not be to anxious to help such an outsider, but this is Gibson, who made Passion Of The Christ and has been lobbied by many religious folks to make a movie about St. Francis Of Asassi.  I smell a possible deal -- I'll make the movie you want to see, and you bail me out of accounting to God for acting like a moron.

Boy, when people don't want to let go of their entitlement.....
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