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Land Of The Rising...Something Or Other

I've complained about how anime and manga, by pandering to the lowest common denominator, are destroying the art form I love.  I've gone round and round and round with other American otaku, who tried to tell me it's just a different culture and me saying bullshit.

Japan recently passed a new comics code, saying that underage characters could not be depicted engaging in sex.  We all know how well the last ban on sexual depictions went (the rule was pubic hair could not be shown, so characters were depicted as either shaven or underage.  The wording regarding penetration is also what gave us tentacle sex).  Sex is a powerful motivator, and telling people they can't do it only results in them finding ways to maneuver around the rules, subvert them, or just flat out defy them.  So while I'm in favor of the new code, I just don't see it working.

Well, here's something for the "it's just a different culture" dipshits.  The New Zeland Times has an article on the Japanese comics code and features this little tidbit from a Japanese mangaka:

“Normal sex doesn’t sell well,” Komiya remarks.

“School sex, tied-up sex, abnormal sex, sells. So this is what they draw.

“Mangaka don’t draw this stuff because they want to expose children to sexual perversity, they draw it for one reason: to make money.”

Like everyone who believes in equality says, "We're not so different after all."
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