Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

So, How's The CloudBook Doing?

Recall how I sold the Cloudbook with a stock Linux configuration to my co-worker.  I was recruited by her to help set up wifi at her house, so I got to peek in on how her husband, who has never used anything but Windows and isn't very tech savvy, is doing with his new toy.

The stock configuration for CrunchBang Linux has a simple black wallpaper with "CrunchBang Linux" on it.  He had the machine on while I was there.  He apparently has figured out how to change the background and listen to streaming audio with it.  He had it open in the living room next to his PS2.  Once I got the wifi enabled, he started looking up video game faq's on it.  So he would play some Wolverine, search for tips to beat the Blob, back and forth.

The Atari emulator?  Because I am not very familiar with OpenBox, I told him he'd have to launch the Atari emulator from the command line.  His wife showed him how the day he got the machine.  He's actually trying other stuff from the command line as well.

He loves the CloudBook and shows it off every chance he gets.  My first rule of gift giving is, "It should NEVER not be cool."  Mission accomplished.  I'm rid of that albatross, and instead of me just smashing it with a hammer (which I nearly did, no joke), it's gone to someone who likes, appreciates, and uses it.

Without Windows.

So, to everyone who says Linux is too tough for the general public, kiss my Polish ass.
Tags: computers, foss, important life lessons, linux, open source, technology is a beautiful thing
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