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And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

This year's Super Bowl commercial were a definite step up from last year.  Last year had some good ones (the Megan Fox one was pretty hilarious), but also a lot of repetition, especially for the Bud Light commercials, basically repeating the same gag.

This year?

Bud Light probably had the best one.  It started with a goof on product placement.  Those of us who saw Revenge Of The Killer Tomatoes thought they were just going to rip them off, but they actually really ran with it, complete with a suit of armor made from beer cans.  Just watching the whole thing escalate was a hoot.

Kenny Gorelick, a.k.a. Kenny G, has a sense of humor about how his music is viewed, appearing in a Audi commercial that goofed on his music.  He played Songbird.  It's still better than anything he's done in the past ten years.

Pepsi Max has a violent streak.  One commercial had a party cooler that shot cans of the drink that was employed to hit a guy in the balls and then the head.  Another commercial had a guy basically being abused by his wife every time he tried to eat something sugary.  The implication was that she was on a diet and felt justified in shoving his face in a pie or grabbing a donut from his hand before shoving a bar of soap in his mouth.  It ends with her knocking out a woman jogger in a park who smiled at her husband.  Given how he was treated, I would have ditched the wife right there.  Hell, I'd have done it long before.

I was most looking forward to the 30 second teaser for the Captain America movie.  Most of it was eaten up presenting his origin, not showing him being courageous and brave.  Definite letdown.

I understand football has a certain demographic and the commercials reflect it, but there was something not right about some of them.  There was a commercial for some sort of online portal to find deals that promises to change your life, and the guy in the commercial ends up a crossdresser.  Another for Budweiser had a tough guy in an old west saloon leading everyone there in singing along to Elton John's "Tiny Dancer."  Now, the commercials were trying to be funny, but I found the implications underneath them a bit questionable.

Fox also got in on the act with a parody of the Coke commercial with the kid and the football player, only this one featuring professional asshole Doctor House throwing his cane to the kid and pegging him in the head.

Dumbest commercial had to be the one for Sketchers Shape Ups with Kim Kardashian.  I not only hate the Kardashians, but considering Kim has bragged that her physique is the result of her Armenian heritage, she has no business plugging them.  The commercial was basically softcore porn, with lots of views of her body (and a very clear view of her ass when she stretches in one scene).  This is the same woman complaining that her shoots for Playboy and W were sexually exploitative.  Shut up already, will you?

I'll be ripping a lot more of them to disc than I did last year's.  Definitely not a bad crop.
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