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Please, Oh Please Let This Still Be In The Planning Stages

Marvel is having a massive story conference as we speak to determine the overall direction of the X titles for 2012.  Some of what they are cooking up has leaked out.

I warn you, if you are familiar with the X-Men at all, you might want to avert your eyes.

Now, this could change, it's still being hashed out.  Most likely, this was a leak to gauge fan reaction.  So, what are we looking at?

Marvel is proposing splitting the X books in two next year.  Sort of like the old days with Blue Team and Gold Team.  The plan is that the X-Men will split between the two books, and the dividing line will be moralistic ideas, the classic Xavier/Magneto paradigm.

On the Xavier side will be Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops.  On the Magneto side will be Wolverine.  Wolverine.  The one whose adamantium skeleton was ripped from his body by Magneto.  Yeah.  That one.

Has anyone at the story conference been reading the current X titles?  Frankly, if the dynamic flipped, this could work.  Wolverine would gladly die for Xavier's dream, so him drifting over the line like this is bullshit.  He's been Scott's biggest supporter lately as Scott has had to make morally ambiguous choices and Logan has been completely supportive of his former rival.  Likewise, Scott has been losing his moral compass, not the least of which has been his creation of the X Force black ops strike team.  Scott has been changing, he's no longer the resolute lawful good character he was before.  I mean, sure, given the loss of Jean Grey, the loss of Xavier, and being reduced to an afterthought in the last X-Men movie, who wouldn't have some moral conflict?  Tracking him as he goes hard boiled could be interesting.  But this is completely at odds with him carrying the flag for Xavier's dream.

I just don't get it.  Trying to split the cast to make the stories more managable is a fine idea, but like this?  The line seems pretty arbitrary and completely at odds with what the characters have become.  I'm just not feeling it.
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