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Giving New Meaning To The Expression, "Taking Book"

So, with all the talk of Marvel killing off a major character every quarter, it's started my brain running.  So I've decided to start a, you should pardon the expression, dead pool * grin * for Marvel characters.

Rules for dead pool, very simple.  Take a character that is major and decide the odds of them getting whacked.  Notice I said "major".  This translates to me as "people who don't buy comics are aware of them."  Which means favorites of mine like Kitty Pryde and Squirrel Girl are safe.  This also means Mr. Immortal can keep looking for another gig.

(By the way, I went to the comic shop yesterday.  Anyone who wants a copy of the Fantastic Four issue with the "death" of Johnny Storm, they had at least twenty of them there, just waiting to be picked up.  And tell 'em I sent ya.)

So, let's get this party started --

Spider-Man. 1000 to 1.  Spidey is supposedly going to be killed off in the Ultimates universe.  He is their flagship character, they won't touch him except in extreme circumstances.

The Punisher -- 50 to 1.  Frank Castle, has, in fact, died quite a few times, been made into Frankcastle, been made into a black mob leader (don't ask), so this is familiar ground.  However, not even comic fans are familiar with his frequent deaths, and given the Thomas Jane movie, there's some crowd recognition.

Daredevil -- 25 to 1.  With Shadowlands intended to shake things up, it would be the capper for the fall of Daredevil, as he attempts to redeem himself for his involvement with the Hand and everything.  A very real possibility.

Deadpool -- 2000 to 1.  Still has three monthly titles running concurrently.  Not happening.

Mary Jane Watson -- 2 to 1.  In the Marvel Zombies event, zombie Spider-Man was shown eating Mary Jane's corpse.  Let's keep destroying those childhood memories.  And it would really give Quesada a way to shut up the detractors.  "There!  Now she's never coming back!"

Wolverine -- 2000 to 1.  True, Logan died relatively recently.  But with the talk of him heading up a division of the X-Men, too many plans for him.  Ain't happenin'.

Emma Frost -- 3 to 1.  Let's face it, there's no shortage of hot looking women in the Marvel universe, so they could cull a few easily.  Emma's death has story potential, given that Scott has lost the love of his life twice (well, the love of his life and his rebound/substitute), so this is very very possible.

Cyclops -- 2000 to 1.  See "Wolverine".

Storm -- 1000 to 1.  One of the few minority characters in comics.  Given the amount of bad publicity DC is living down for reverting to Silver Age characters, Marvel wouldn't be so stupid as to kill off Ororo.  However, it is telling that she was originally the leader of one of the X-Men teams, and now, it's Wolverine and Cyclops instead of her and Cyclops.  I doubt it will happen, but there's no mistaking the potential.

Thor -- 2,000 to 1.  Already died recently, and has a movie coming out.  Too soon.

Captain America -- even money.  Since Bucky is currently Cap, this would accomplish 1) killing off a classic character and 2) putting Steve Rogers back in the suit, especially with the movie with Steve Rogers as Cap coming out in July.

Iron Man -- 5 to 1.  Tony Stark has had his memories backed up, so he can become a true artificial intelligence.  The iron armor has already become borderline sentient at least once, and Tony has turned it into a remote control drone before.

Nick Fury -- 50 to 1.  Nick Fury has died so many times, you could almost set your watch by it.  One death was even the centerpiece of a Marvel crossover when the Punisher flipped out and tried to hunt him.  It was a particularly advanced Life Model Decoy, though, as pretty much everybody thought.  His awareness has gone up thanks to Sam Jackson in the movies, but not only has this been done before, he's still a supporting character, so I'm not sure he's big enough to be made a event of.

Anyone else in the Fantastic Four -- 2,000 to 1.  Too soon.

Incredible Hulk -- 10 to 1.  With so many Hulks running around now, and Hulk's son swearing to kill his dad, this could happen.

Rogue -- 100 to 1.  Kind of fallen down the awareness scale.  While her character has become more prominent, it wouldn't upset me so much, seeing how she's acting like such a bitch to Gambit (remember the days when she was smitten with him and he was playful?).  Movie awareness is big, but distant.

Magneto -- 2 to 1.  With the proposed split of the X-Men along political lines, turning Magneto into a martyr like Xavier is likely.

Anyone else?
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