Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

That's Not What I Meant To Say....

Three items:

1)  Sony's PlayStation 3 used to be sold with an option on the main menu that let you install another OS on the game machine (Yellow Dog Linux, for example), and either completely wipe Sony's OS or dual boot.  Then, they suddenly decided last year they didn't want that anymore and removed the option.  FOSSers cried foul, Sony didn't care.  In fact, Sony has declared war on hackers.  They sued geohot (George Hotz) and the fail0verflow hacking group in January and got an injunction preventing them from releasing the jailbreak code for the PS3 (despite the recent FCC ruling that you have the right to jailbreak you own hardware. --G).  Sony is also planning to subpoena YouTube, PayPal, Facebook, and other sites to learn the identities of PS3 hackers and nail them.

2)  Kevin Butler is a character in ads for the Sony PlayStation 3.  He became so popular, Sony decided to make him "real."  He has his own Twitter account, TheKevinButler.  Posts there are put up by Los Angeles ad agency Deutsche.

3)  Travis La Marr lives in New York City and posts to Twitter under the ID of exiva.  He's one of the people who object to Sony creating the encryption code.  "I'm a huge believer in the fact of if you buy a piece of hardware, it's yours. I posted it to encourage hardware freedom.... I didn't post the key to condone piracy in any way."  He discovered the jailbreak code that enables people to put Linux or other OS's on the PlayStation 3.  So, he's sitting on this piece of code everybody wants, and needs a way to distribute it as far and wide as possible.

La Marr's solution?  He tweets the 40 digit code to TheKevinButler and ends the message with, "Come at me."

TheKevinButler tries to make a joke, but in responding, retweets the jailbreak code to EVERYBODY FOLLOWING THEKEVINBUTLER'S FEED.

* stands and salutes *  La Marr, you are a genius.

Well, it didn't take long for someone at Sony to swallow their gum and have the tweet deleted.  So, for those of you who want proof of this, here ya go.  Proof that this happened, I am not doing this in any way to distribute the jailbreak code.  So just ignore it.  Pretend it isn't there.  Thank you, and God bless.

I suppose technically La Marr isn't a genius.  A 24 year old software developer, he initially tweeted the code just to see what would happen.  The last thing he expected was what went down.  "I did not at all expect a reply from whoever maintains the account.  The fact that they retweeted me, including the key, well, that was just ...unheard of."  La Marr then made a follow up tweet linking to the above screencap and the message, "My life is complete. Sue yourself, Sony."

Or, Sony can just restore the option to put your own OS on the PS3 and everybody will be happy again.
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