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Peter G

Tragic Kingdom

When Disney bought Marvel, everyone started wondering what would happen to other Disney licensed titles being handled by other companies.  Dan Vado was done publishing Tron and Haunted Mansion comics, which was a real shame.  But there was another big name out there.  BOOM! Studios had licensed a shitload of Disney stuff, from Muppets to regular Disney characters (Mickey Mouse et al) to Pixar.  This was especially interesting to me as I very much enjoy their The Incredibles comic -- Mark Waid's sure hand is always good stuff.

Well, the first license fell away.  BOOM! is no longer soliciting any Pixar titles, and Marvel is prepping a bunch of magazines and titles, starting with Cars.  BOOM! says they will still be publishing Muppets and the Disney animation characters, but Pixar is going back.  (Side note:  it appears that no one at BOOM! who worked on the Pixar books knew this was happening until they read the press release.  Just sayin'.)

If BOOM! really thinks they are going to continue to publish those other Disney titles, I have a bridge to sell them.  Disney is clearly looking to put all the marbles back in one bag, something they can do now that they own a comic publisher.  There is no way those other licenses will be renewed.

I'm more interested in Gemstone, owned by Steve Geppi of Diamond.  Disney doesn't like Diamond, and all he has is those Carl Barks reprints.  BOOM! will survive.  Slave Labor will always survive.  Gemstone is screwed, and they know it.

So...what's the over/under on a Namor/Finding Nemo crossover?
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