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"Now, it is from little misdemeanors that major felonies grow. And it is my duty -- it is ANYBODY'S duty! -- to stop them before they get too far.  NOW THE LAW MUST BE UPHELD!"

And, by completing the oath, you reaffirm your membership in good standing with the Junior Matlock Club, where we look at criminals who really should consider honest work because they don't have what it takes for a life of crime.

This came from a guy I work with and I just had to put this up here.  He's got a brother who lives in a rural community.  Small town.  Small town folk, small town ways.  As a veteran of small town life, one thing I can tell you is that small towns know everybody.  This means that, if you do something wrong, the fuzz knows to watch for you.

This guy had his license suspended, meaning it was illegal for him to drive a car.  Naturally, the police knew his car and knew to watch for it.  One night, they got lucky.  The guy was out for a drive.  They hit the lights, and a merry chase through town ensued.

The guy knows he needs an escape route quick, so he shakes the cops long enough to dart into a large, well-filled parking lot.  He finds a spot, pulls in, kills the engine, and ducks down in the front seat.

Eventually, he hears, "Sir, please exit the vehicle."

He doesn't move.

Then he hears, "Sir, if you don't want to be arrested, take your foot off the brake."

He did.

He got pinched.

Location location location....


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Feb. 18th, 2011 01:34 am (UTC)
Well, the oath is actually taken from The Andy Griffith Show. I don't know the episode, but the guy who created the original Junior Matlock Club would play it at the start of each installment and would make the others in the DJ booth with him say it along with him. I wanted a special icon for these posts, and that was the logical choice, know what I mean?
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