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Wait...You Mean Obama DOESN"T Care About The Gays?!?

In The Supremacy, the comic book mini I wrote, one of the things I touch on is what it takes to be a ruler.  Being a ruler doesn't necessarily involve power, although that obviously helps.  What it requires is people to rule.  These people have to ALLOW themselves to be ruled.  They could defy and rebel.  Or, if it's a more subtle, civilized, and volunatary tyrannical rule, they could simply not do what they are supposed to, leaving or not doing as they are told.  A ruler's position is pretty much at the mercy of those he lords over.  Without them, he is nothing.

Which brings up to the strange, sad, incestuous little dance going on between Obama and gay rights supporters.  I've mentioned that the more vocal supporters have been revealing themselves to be hypocrites who aren't paying a lick of attention, attacking obvious targets like Carrie Prejean while giving their buddy the President a pass for feeling the EXACT same way.  Further proof came when former Veep Dick Cheney, who has a lesbian daughter that he showed off at the 2004 R's convention instead of hiding her away like she doesn't exist, said that he supports gay marriage but doesn't feel it should be done on the national level, it's a state's rights issue.

I'm not sure if he means it or if he's just looking for a quick way to change the subject from the torture memos going around (you have to admit, it's working pretty well on that score), but it's making Obama supporters look extremely foolish.  After all, they spent the whole election demonizing John McCain because Republicans don't care about anyone but mundanes, while Obama is a regular joe like you and me (he spent two weeks in Hawaii before taking office, just like how I can jet out there any time I want.  And his daughters are staying in Paris to celebrate one of their 8th birthdays.  Yeah, I remember when I went to Paris to celebrate my eigth birthday, as well.  Seems like only yesterday....).  And the former Veep has made a stance that is unambiguous and clear, unlike the President they voted for because they could pretend he actually cared about something besides getting elected.  Not only that, but Obama recently made a weak joke about gay marriage, talking about him and close friend and advisor heading to Iowa "to make it legal".  And yet, the Defense Of Marriage Act and Don't Ask Don't Tell have not been struck down as he promised.  (Back in 96, Obama supported gay marriage, but flipped when it became politically expedient.)  Obama is urging everyone to be patient and give him time.  Well, of course.  He's trying to have it both ways, getting the support of the homophobes and the support of gay rights supporters without doing anything that will cost him either one.

People are starting to notice Obama's lack of action, however, and the rumbling to actually shit or get off the pot is growing.  Obama is facing a backlash from regular GM dealers who just had their dealships closed while buddies of the company stay open, concentrating business towards them, banks that swore they needed loans are not paying them back and telling us little people to pipe down...this isn't the Hope bandwagon, it's a train, and it's getting wobbly on the tracks.  The sooner people figure out Obama used them to get elected when that wasn't part of the deal (they were actually expecting something in exchange for their support.  SUCKERS!), the sooner we as a nation can move forward and find someoen actually worth supporting.
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