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Kids Is Kids

Gene Simmons of KISS has always maintained the whole reason he and the others started the band was for the money and the pussy.  Then, one day, a reporter got an alternate explanation.  Simmons was a schoolteacher.  She asked him why he quit teaching, and he said, "I wanted to fucking kill those little pricks."

My own experiences with kids have been hit or miss.  I used to babysit a couple of douchebags that nearly killed any positive ideas about kids, they were that bad (for example, pissing on the floor of their room in front of me because I told them they couldn't watch TV).  And leave us not forget I was one of the picked on kids in school, so I know how rotten kids can be.  However, I've also met plenty of great kids, enough so that I don't regard kids as some horrible societal blight.

However, with any group, generalities emerge.  And there are people who don't want you showing the world what goes on behind the scenes.

Natalie Munroe, 30, is a teacher at Central Bucks East High School north of Philadelphia.  She has a blog, and in a friends-only post on it, she wrote, "My students are out of control.  They are rude, disengaged, lazy whiners. They curse, discuss drugs, talk back, argue for grades, complain about everything, fancy themselves entitled to whatever they desire and are just generally annoying."  Yeah, that brings back some bad memories for me.  A student discovered the posting and shared it on FAILbook.

Munroe has been suspended from duty (with pay, and, it should be noted, presently nine months pregnant, so she'd be taking off soon anyway) pending an investigation into her blog.

"Some of the students, parents and administrators don't want to hear the truth," Munroe told the press.  Yup, that brings back some bad memories, too.  She is threatening to file a lawsuit on First Amendment grounds if she gets canned.

I firmly believe the biggest problem with kids isn't their behavior, it's the permissiveness it is handled with.  "Oh, no, not MY little angel!"  Kids don't have any clue how to behave, and the parents are supposed to teach them manners and social skills and such.  And when they don't, they act terrible.  There's also parents that view school as a sort of day care to send the kids to instead of an actual institute of learning.  It's more an indictment of authority (or lack of it) than the kids specifically.

The bottom line is, there are lots of people who write to complain about kids, from just general manners boards to the CF communities (even the non-militant ones do it).  I also know what long hours and thankless work teachers do.  Lay off the teach.
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