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Ten Day Meme: Day Seven

At last!  The good stuff!

Stolen from clionona ....

Day One:  Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

Day Seven:  Four turn offs.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!!!  Writing is art.  Any kind of writing is art.  Art is all about communication, about getting ideas across, about expressing yourself.  News writing, opinion pieces, and blogging are about the purest form of writing there is because there is no effort to create a metaphor or build another reality.  It's talking one person to another person.  Admittedly, a whole bunch of other persons, but the one on one nature is still implied.

As such, as with any art, there is the potential to be misunderstood.  The listener may have a different opinion or know something you don't that makes them view whatever you're doing in a way you did not intend or anything.  And while, as us USENET vets will attest, there will be those who get things wrong no matter what, it does not absolve us of the responsibility to be as clear and concise as possible.  The writer of the piece is the first and last line of defense against being misunderstood.

That said, I want to emphasize something here.  What I post about today and tomorrow are not character judgments.  They do not reflect whether or not someone is good or bad or whether or not I would want to spend time with them.  The questions deal with a narrow little strip of pure objectivism called "sexuality".  We do not control our sexuality, all we control is how we react to it.  We can get over it, we can deal with it, or we can succumb to it.  Because, ultimately, there is nothing that can be done.  People have tried denying their quirks.  People have tried to pray the gay away.  And it can't be done.  This is what turns us on and turns us off on some primal level and we cannot change that.  It also means that I am NOT saying anyone should not do these things.  If you're fine with whatever and your partner(s) (if applicable) are fine with it and it's not sick or illegal, then hey!  Whatever creams your Twinkie.  So I am not judging character or telling anyone what they should or should not do.

As an analogy, at my union job years ago, the people on the dock started viewing me as a swell guy and one of them.  They eventually invited me to come along on Fridays after work and have a beer.  Sure, I said.  Eventually, they started to notice that I was the only one of the group who didn't order an actual beer.  I ordered an iced tea (I'd given up drinking soda at that point).  One asked me why I didn't have a beer.  I said I don't drink -- no moralism, I just never acquired a taste for it.  "Did you want to hang out somewhere else?"  I responded, have I had a problem yet?  "No."  Then drink your beer and relax, will ya?  There's a big difference between, "I don't like something, I don't do it," and "I don't like something, YOU don't do it."

Everybody still with me so far?  That's good!

1)  Tattoos and piercings.  I don't even care for earrings, but I've had to get over it given how just about everyone in the free world has them (even my teacher has them).  Skin art, it honestly depends, it's not like I have a percentage threshold ("Let's see...can you keep yourself occupied while I do some calculations?").  But when I see tattoos or navel rings or eyebrow piercings and such, it really messes up my sexual vibe.  Now, if I was in a sexual situation and I discover a tattoo (which has happened), I have to deal with it (no, I did not kick them out of bed.  I'm a sarcastic jackass, not an asshole).  It just means that, if I ever meet mongrelheart , I'm sure it will be fun and we'll be buddies, but I just wouldn't be able to be her groupie.

Piercings are their own problem with me.  I know, it doesn't hurt and all that.  But things like navel rings just don't appeal to me, seeing a tongue stud gets the reaction out of me most people have when they see someone chewing on aluminum foil, and thank God I don't have to worry about seeing a Prince Albert.

2)  Slapping, spanking, or higher.  Anything that turns sex into a power play and show of domination instead of mutual pleasure snaps me out of it.  I just don't have dom/sub wired anywhere inside me.  Once again, I know this is fairly common, but it ain't for me.

3)  Blatant inconsideration.  As I mentioned above, I don't drink.  However, I make sure to have wine handy because, well, lots of women do, and it pays to know this stuff (PROTIP:  keep a fresh bottle but open it and dump out a third of it.  Want some wine?  "Only if you have something open."  Here endeth the lesson).  Usually, this isn't a problem, but I took one woman to a nice restaurant.  I had some wine brought for her and my usual iced tea.  "Aren't you going to drink any wine?"

No thank you, I don't drink.

"Whatsamatter?  Can't you take a little alcohol?"  And yes, she did it in a singsong voice.

Realizing this was the fastest I ever realized I didn't want to date someone, I called on my improv skills and made up a story about the circumstances behind a drunk driving conviction that had her eyes bugging out.  She asked me to take her home after dinner, she suddenly didn't feel like a night out.  Exactly as I planned.

I can take teasing and joking.  I think the comments I get on my blog alone prove that.  But belittling me just because you don't see any reason for my behavior?  That'll make me hit the eject button.  I refuse to spend time with someone who thinks I'm a loser.

4)  Inactivity/sloth/doing nothing.  This is NOT meant to suggest heavy.  This is meant for people who, say, don't want to dance because they'll get sweaty and ruin their make up or hair, or people who will just watch whatever is on TV all fucking day instead of finding something better to do with their time, shit like that.
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