Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss....

Well, the people of Chicago have spoken.  They wanted Rahm Emanuel for mayor.

Which means all those financial records and deals are protected from prying eyes for at least four more years.

Once again, Daley pays lip service to the black community.  People like Mary Mitchell are declaring black power dead because Carol Moseley Braun only got 9 percent of the vote.  Sorry, Braun (and Roland Burris) were only there to break up support for Meeks and kick him out of the race.  They were NEVER intended to win.

So, in a few weeks, there will be a new "man on five" (the nickname for the mayor because the office is on the fifth floor).  Daley has systematically wrecked ward organizations and installed his own patronage army.  Ald. Ed Burke, who survived Boss Jr, is in trouble.  Emanuel will want a head to show everyone who is boss, and not only is he a longtime foe of Daley, he's one of the few independent aldermen left.  Oh, and there's also that pesky business where Burke laid out a road map to try to have Emanuel bounced from the ballots.  Expect Patrick O'Connor and James DeLeo to do a little flexing.

Of course, Mike Madigan, The Velvet Hammer, is pissed.  That's the only real bright side to all this.  Illinois politics is about to become a war zone.  Madigan controls the state.  Emanuel has the President's ear.

May you live in interesting times....
Tags: haven't we suffered enough, history, politics, this ought to be interesting
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