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Hold That Tiger

How many of you saw the movie Bullworth?  It's one of the few Warren Beatty films I like.  Well, sort of.  When Bullworth wasn't shooting his mouth off, the movie was kind of dull.  For those who didn't, the upshot of the movie is Bullworth (Beatty) is desperate to be re-elected, going so far as to hire a contract killer to off him.  The pressure makes him crack (in a great scene in an inner city church, where you can see the break happen), and Bullworth flips out, speaking the uncensored truth about political campaigning.

People react to strain differently.  Some cope.  Some break.  And some make me glad that, although Illinois is home to sleaze and corruption, we don't have shit like this to deal with....

In the state of Oregon is a representative named David Wu.  Wu got re-elected during the last election cycle.  And apparently the strain was getting to him.  His federally issued Blackberry was examined and it was found that he sent this picture to several staffers....

...uh, yeah...right....

This isn't the first time Wu has found himself in a questionable situation.  Just before the 2004 elections, it was reported that Wu was accused of sexually assaulting an ex-girlfriend at Stanford.  Although no charges were filed, Wu called a press conference to apologize for "inexcusable behavior".

The man The Daily Show has dubbed "Congressman Tigger" released a statement admitting he sought "professional medical care" but attributes his erratic behavior to the stress of the campaign and being a single father (the mother of his two kids filed for divorce in December 2009).  Then he blamed it on prescription oxecodone.

The problem with political jokes?  Sometimes, they get elected.
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