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Drumsticks Can Also Be Chicken!

This morning, the phone rings.  I check the caller ID.  It's Chester.  The guy my confession about tanking the Mortal Kombat tournaments was meant for.  I hold the phone and before I activate it, I think, "Here we go."

"Pete!  Buddy!  How you doin'?"

* silence *


I'm here.  You sound awfully happy.

"Why wouldn't I be happy?"

My last blog post.

"The Comic Related one?"

No, the MK one.

"Oh, that.  Yeah, big surprise.  Listen, you doing anything today?"

I have to admit, you're taking it better than I thought you would.

"Yeah yeah.  What are you doing today?"

Just organizing my comics and trying to write a new Hannah Singer story and a new Stress Puppy arc.

"Can you stop for a little while and come by?"


"Do the words, 'early Christmas present,' mean anything to you?"

That's not fair to you.

"Sorry, opportunity knocked, and we aren't waiting until December.  Not after everything we went through last year."

So, a plan was formed, and I went over to Chester's.  The gang was there, smiling broadly.  Vera's shoulders were burbling a little.  Yup, she was excited about something.  They emphasized that they didn't overspend, and in fact, they got enough of a deal that I'll still get some sort of gift when we meet to formally exchange gifts in December.  But they stumbled across this and didn't want to risk me getting it first.

There it was in the living room.  An Ion Sound Session compact electronic drum kit.  And a pair of 2B's.

Oh, yeah, I'm happy.

This is the kit I saw at Target around Christmas time for $210.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting this to be pro quality.  I mean, $210?  We're talking the Yugo of electronic drum kits (and the gang got it used for about half that).  However, there are two key things to keep in mind:

1)  I'm not a pro, I'm just some putz who plays too much Rock Band.  I've heard pros bitch about how the pads aren't as responsive as they'd like (you do get what you pay for).  I'm not at any skill level where missed detections are going to matter.

2)  I was looking into getting a set of practice pads anyway.  $170 at Guitar Center gets this contraption with practice pads that can be angled and adjusted.  Unlike the practice pads, this actually gives aural feedback of what the hell you're hitting.

I checked it out, looks great (proprietary interface, natch) and tried doing a little drumming.  I notice I've gotten less shy about playing the drums in front of friends.  I think I kept pretty good time (I'm trying to be consistent and solid, not Buddy Rich).  And it also collapses down into component pieces that, if I'm not mistaken, will fit alongside my keyboard in its gig bag, so I can take both instruments at once.

So, I have a two keyboards (full size and a Little Mermaid one), an electronic drum set, and a gusli.  This would make one hell of an act.
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