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When I was a kid, I moved to the Chicago area from the great Northwest.  Well, okay, I didn't move, my parents moved me, I didn't have a lot of choice in the matter.  And as I acclimated to Chicagoland TV, I remember being told about Black History Month and a show on Channel 9 called "Know Your Heritage", which only ran in February.  In fact, since Black History Month was created back in 1976, it has been celebrated in February.

In fact, I bet all of you reading this are going, "Yeah, we know it's in February, too. What's your point?"

The point is on the head of Donald Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers basketball team, who came up with this little promotional ad that ran in LA papers Sunday....

Of course, Black History Month isn't the only problem with this ad (how exactly do they intend to verify that a child is underprivileged?  Or does he really think people will sneak in just to watch the fucking Clippers?).  Sterling, however, has a less than sterling reputation (grin) when it comes to racial matters.  Last November, he paid out $2.75 mil to settle a housing discrimination lawsuit.  He reportedly has made questionable comments about half-dressed players in the Clippers locker room.  So his reaction to every sportswriter in the country pointing out his date is wrong will probably be, "Well, better late than never, amiright?"

Remember, NBA teams are owned by people with money.  No one said anything about brains.

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