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Shock Tactics

Long time ago in Marvel Comics, Magneto discovered some way to control people's minds by using his magnetism powers to manipulate the iron in their blood.  One of the scenes during the story had him making the Scarlet Witch do a sexy dance for his amusement.

Later on, it was established that the Scarlet Witch was Magneto's daughter.  Most likely by people who don't remember that little interlude.

In one of the Ultimates books, it is revealed that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, brother and sister, are also incestuous lovers.  This revelation is made by Wasp to Captain America.  She mentions this as if it's the most normal thing in the world, and the Cap's shocked reaction is played for laughs, as if to say, "What a square!"

I'm sorting and organizing my comic books, some of which I've had for a couple of years or more and haven't read or done anything with.  Among them is the Namora one-shot and her part in Agents Of Atlas.  Curiosity made me pick the issues up.  At one point, it is revealed that her deepest desire is to sleep with Namor.  Her cousin.  Okay, they aren't blood relatives, but still, everyone knows them as family.

All those comics got a one-way trip to the landfill last night.


I know comic companies, desperate to hold on to readers, are doing anything they can to draw in readers.  And let's face it, complete outrageousness is way easier to manufacture than good stories and characters.  But death is now beyond cliche.  So what else can they do to get everyone's shocked attention?  How about this?!?

Folks, I am actually seriously considering dropping Marvel books.  The fact that the editor clearly doesn't pick up on the squick factor here really creeps me out about what else may be coming.

Remember, even when exploitation filmmakers were filling the multiplexes with slasher movies, kids NEVER got killed in those things.  There were some lines that, no matter how tempted they were, they wouldn't cross them.  Marvel needs to reel it in quick.
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