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Maybe They Should Be Called "West Burro", As In A Bunch Of Jackasses

"I've learned that one of the benefits of a free society is the right to debase ourselves in any number of ways."
"Sam And Max -- Freelance Police"

Recently, the Westboro Baptist Church, that bunch of intolerant morons who picket at military funerals saying our soldiers dying is God punishing us for accepting gays, found themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit to stop them from picketing.  The ACLU found itself defending the West Burros on 1st Amendment grounds (I suspect the guy was holding his nose the entire time).

The justices ruled in a way they may not have wanted to, but they had to -- the West Burros are on public property and free to speak their minds.

The head of the West Burros announced how pleased he was with the ruling and that they plan to "quadruple" the number of protests they hold.

Believe it or not, this is actually a good thing.

Remember how they were going to protest at the funeral of the little kill killed in the Arizona Massacre?  A call to arms went out on the 'net and the West Burros pussed out.

They tried to picket the San Diego Comic Con.  Con goers retaliated by trolling them back, exposing the West Burros as the laughing stocks they are (PROTIP:  when even the furries are not only making fun of you, but scoring serious laughs off of you, just go home).

The West Burros have done what they've done because of selective targeting.  It's like how white supremacist groups will pick on black churches instead of gang headquarters -- they know the people who go to churches aren't armed and won't fight back.  The gangs are and will.

They're bullies.

And the problem with this is, the more they put themselves out there, the more they open themselves up to attack.  The folks behind Project Chanology will just love to harass them.  The general public will also have ammo as they see more and more techniques that work.  People don't know how to react when confronted by these idiots.  And the more they get out there and people talk about them, the more information of how to drive them off gets out there.

So, go ahead, West Burros.  The sooner you start, the sooner you're finished.
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