Peter G (sinetimore) wrote,
Peter G

NEVER Let It Be Said That I Give Up Easy

Today, I take a spin at the Axe Cop web site.

A thought hits me.

There are slots for Project Wonderful ads there.

So, I bid.

Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate is now being advertised on one of the most awesome comics ever made.

Part of me is hoping this yields some results (when I ran ads on the Girl Genius web site, there was just the book description.  Amazon has sample pages from each story up online, so people can get a better idea of what they are in for).  The other part of me just thinks it's awesome to be affiliated, even tangentially, with Axe Cop.
Tags: art, fandom wank, hannah singer, lord hear our prayer, religion, technology is a beautiful thing, this ought to be interesting
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